About Us

Wikihao is an initiative to gather and host Hao folklores, through interactive web-based application with a vision to develop into a digital encyclopedia of Tangkhul (Hao) folklores.  Folklores include folksongs, oral stories, legends & mythologies, proverbs, riddles, beliefs, customs, festivals, childlores, vocabularies, idioms & phrases etc.

Wikihao envisages to store contents established partly by compilation of well-known books and mostly by recording of oral narratives of villages and clans in Tangkhul.  It also intends to generate contents from users through comments, views and open discussions in its forum.

Wikihao operates on fundamental principle of sharing, it commits to provide its contents freely and at the same time, it solicits to give back, as good as one gets, from the users.  It strives for articles that explain with neutral point of view and commits to represent fairly without editorial bias.

Wikihao is modelled to be editable and be open to correction.  It aspires to support itself with verifiable contents through folksongs (Hao Laa).  And it devotes to safeguard sensitive data with restricted access to such classified documents.