Fortune favours vice


Hokna Muila fana, ‘Ina Saya’ kachi

Note: This narrative is similar to our saying, Hokna Muila fana, ‘Ina Saya’ kachi

A rancher, many years ago, had kept two animal friends. They helped the rancher in every possible way. One evening, before they had gone to sleep, the master said to his animal friends, “Tomorrow morning, you shall both go and plow the field as I taught u so”. ” Yes,master”, both willingly answered.

After they were fed in the morning, both left with their plows for the field. When they reached, the sun was scorching yet the pig decided to work while the dog hesitated. “It is way too hot”, he complained and said, “And so I shall work when the sun goes down”. The dog lay hunched under a shade with his tongue resting out. The pig did not give up nor took a rest, however, he kept plowing till it was evening and was time to go home.

“Well friend, lets head back”, The pig stated. But the dog was still hesitant to move and told the pig to go ahead because it was too sunny and hot for him to walk out of the shade. Since the pig was tired and had worked really hard under the sun, he left for home without his dog pal. As soon as the pig was out of sight, the dog quickly came out of the shade into the part where the pig had fully plowed. He deliberately rambled up and down, round and round, left to right until the field was completely coated with his paw prints.

As soon as he reached home, the dog pleaded with the rancher, “Master, You must fill me with hot rice and cup of wine, I am starving and exhausted, having worked the entire day.”

“What?? What do you mean?” countered the pig who had worked under the burning sun and was weak and empty. “The region that’s been cultivated had been done by me alone, master!”, He stated. Pointing out his fore-hoofs at the dog, he added, “Master, he laid under the shade the entire time with his extended tongue resting out of his mouth”. Hearing this, the dog stood up and encountered, “May the master travel to the track tomorrow and witness who had done it”. The generous master grinned and stroked their backs and questioned the pig and the dog, ” What did you notice throughout the day?”.  The pig said that he had seen birds and the dog said that he had seen ants. From their responses, the master suspected the pig’s claim. But ended up feeding them both equally. The pig was troubled with the master’s conclusion and felt deceived and ill-treated.

“Equal treat for unequal work,” he thought to himself. The pig quietly ate his food and was off to sleep.

The next morning, the rancher left for the field to assess the evidence for himself. He noticed and found the dog’s paw prints all over the cultivated part of the field. This made him believe that the dog had worked very hard and so he proceeded back home completely assured about the dog’s case. On his arrival, the master in a deliberate demonstration of discrimination parted his food with the dog while giving away the bits and leftovers to the pig. This act discouraged and provoked the pig and so he decided to run away for good. But before he could even make a run the master grabbed him by his rear legs and tossed the pig into the dump behind the cottage, which was to be his home forever. Even today, those who support the dog’s slogan, ” Work less and talk more” savor the favor of the ruling powers.


Written by Zingmishan Jamang

Image Courtesy: Tennoson Pheiray



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