Luinem eina Hunphun

Luinem eina Hunphun

Āchālakha Luinemli luivā kahāma (kahaka) akha leisai.  Hunphunwo Wungchāngna yansaida hunphun yāronli, ‘Joh! Luinem wui luivāji vākhuilu, shaimi haosa.’

Hunphun yāronna ngathumda vāshimen khuilaga shaihaowa.  Ngathing shang ngathingtā sāda atam shirākha zanghaowa.

Ramva Rānphangna Luinem awungali, ‘Nawui luivā chi Hunphun naona shaimihaira, Ina theiya.’

Luinemna Hunphunwoli case Meitei Maharajali tāsai.

Hunphunwona, ‘Ah! Theihaora masāpaimara’ da Meiteiwoli akhangei (bribe) tāsai.

Meiteiwona Luinemwoli, ‘Na kathāda thei khala?’

Luinemwo, ‘Ramva Rānphangna Ili hanga.’

Meiteiwo, ‘Ranphangli vāho khuilo, laga ana masat/hangphāphā sākha, phatopli sanghaora’.

Chi shālaga Rānphang yāmhaowa.  Shāki makhuirā rarthuda Meiteiwona Wungchāngli mashun mihaowa.


Luinem eina Hunphunwui Laapho (Khano Laa)

Meitei Lamlongli yao yao, Khi chānngazeklo;

O! Khi chānngazeklo, silui māngshichān ngazeka;

O! Silui māngshichān kārotli I kāngaheiya;

O! I kāngahei Amei Chāng (Wungchāng);

O! Makhuithuk nilo, makhuithuk nilo;

O! Ameichāng Lāhuida huiya(ngalā kahui thāda);

O! Lāhuida huiya, Luinemwo khikhon rākhonglo;

O! Khikhon rākhonglo, na luivā iramna shaiya;

O! Iramna shaiya, Ramvali I mahomara,

O! I mahomara, Eh! Rānphangao ngathum yām haowa.



Kahāma: Kahaka

Akhangei: Bribe

Masat:  Hangphāphā kachi


Contributed by Tsivyo Kasom

Through narration by Zingthan Zingkhai & Shaivi Kasomwoshi


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